The cinema issue

From our collaboration with The Meraviglia Magazine comes an interpretation and tribute to some of the most iconic fashion-filled movies of our time.

Through a series of meticulously crafted videos, we delve into the captivating worlds of cinematic style, paying homage to the timeless elegance and sartorial splendor that have graced the silver screen.

  • Directed byMattia Chicco
  • Michele Rossetti
  • DoPGiovanni Baracchi
  • AgencyThe Meraviglia
  • ProductionCHILLBILL
  • Creative Director & Fashion EditorVeronica Mazziotta
  • Stylist Assistant Giulia Sveva Santoro
  • Vita Kop
  • Giulia Lott
  • BackstageAsia Sardi
  • Casting Direction: Tuono Casting 
  • Stefano Ingrassia
  • Sebastian Diana
  • Mason Summerhill
  • Faycal Sana
  • Marga Julia Bosch
  • Gino Maisy
  • Yazzmine Van Goozen
  • Jeff Zotorvi
  • Joel Frampton

Embark on a journey through the annals of cinema as we celebrate the unforgettable fashion moments that have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide.

From the glamorous allure of Old Hollywood to the avant-garde creations of contemporary auteurs, each video tribute transports viewers to a realm where fashion becomes not only a visual feast but also a narrative force, shaping characters and enriching stories.


Welcome to a world where fashion and cinema collide—a world where every frame tells a story, and every garment becomes a work of art. Welcome to our celebration of cinematic style, where the past meets the present in a symphony of elegance, creativity, and pure cinematic magic.

  • Head HairstylistErisson Musella
  • Head Makeup ArtistGiovanni Iovine
  • H&MU team:
  • Antonia Romito Alessia Motti 
  • Chiara Giangrossi Chiara Scaglioni 
  • Dario Usai Dominique Ascione
  • Jasmyne Granberg Crauchi Martina Iaquinta  
  • Sabrine Salem  Vilma Gjelaj  
  • Viktoria Jakab
  • Karyna Kotlyar
  • Luna Cornelissen
  • Kristen Paige
  • Anna Kossmann
  • Junho Ock
  • Gregorio Ferrarese
  • Livio Masciopinto