Vasta is a creative studio specialized in cinema based in Milan. It was created with the aim of offering customers creative and original cinematic stories. The studio deals with developing projects ranging from short films, commercials, video clips, from the beginning of the storyboard, to the set, up to post production.

We offer all useful services such as branding, art direction, graphics, soundtracks and social content. Our team is made up of experienced professionals in the sector, a multifaceted mix of skills and desire for innovation.

Andrea Flores (Operator/Dp), born in Milan on 25 December 1997, who grew up in a family of humble origins, got his hands on his first reflex at the age of 12, a gift from his father. Economics studies were not successful as the work as an accountant assistant lasted 3 years, in 2019 he decided to leave behind his background as an economics student and to devote himself full time to filmmaking.
Michele Rossetti (Director/Creative Director), born in Milan on 25 July 1993, raised in a family of musicians and painters on Lake Maggiore, he decides to move to Milan to continue his studies as an actor, illustrator and singer. He combines everything he has learned as a director and art director, founding Vasta with three of his colleagues.
Mattia Chicco (Director/Dp), born in Turin on 27 July 1989, grew up in a family where fabrics and fashion were their bread and butter. Moved to Milan to attend Uni, lived in the UK and China for a couple of years and came back to Milan to pursue his dream. Worked as an assistant director for a while till 2017, when he decided to stand on his own as a filmmaker.
Juan Padilla (Photographer), born in Arayat Pampanga, Philippines and he is a fashion photographer. Juan would go around taking photos of anything and everything . The subject did not matter for him. The output and the ability to capture a certain colour, the shade of light, or the expression was what he cared about. He put attention to detail and make sure that his photos have personality.

Based in Milan, Italy Via Modica 20, Milano (MI)

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