This union of fashion and cinema becomes a symbol of excellence and artistic vision, confirming Paolo Pecora not only as an icon of Italian fashion but also as a privileged partner to explore new horizons in visual art.

The Profumi di Milano is an edition of fragrances from bold to fresher tones, and it contains all the elegance and history of Paolo Pecora and his city. On a Urban Milanese backdrop, Paolo Pecora presents a versatile and timeless garment.

  • Directed byMichele Rossetti
  • Mattia Chicco
  • StylistIvan Bontchev
  • Castingwedocasting
  • GroomingSilvia Acquapendente
  • Art directionFilippo Pecora
  • ProductionRaffaella Petraccaro

In a world where fashion and cinema intertwine, Paolo Pecora has proven to be an extraordinary partner for a director seeking inspiration and visual quality. The collaboration with such a timeless brand has been a surprising and fascinating experience, a sort of journey through creativity and timeless elegance.

Imagine behind the scenes: a passion for Italian fashion merges with cinematic mastery, creating an artistic blend that transforms clothing into true actors on the set. Paolo Pecora's garments become protagonists, playing different roles through the lens of the camera.


The impeccable details of the pieces, the precision of the seams, and the quality of the fabrics are remarkably photogenic.

The director can't help but extol the versatility of the designs, their ability to adapt to various situations, like real actors seamlessly changing roles.


we ventured into the vibrant streets of Milan, transforming the city into a canvas for our product. Placing our meticulously crafted pieces within the dynamic backdrop of Milan, we sought to merge urban sophistication with the timeless elegance of the brand.

Each shot was carefully curated to showcase not only the exquisite details of our products but also to harmonize them with the bustling energy and architectural marvels of Milan. The juxtaposition of our creations against the city's iconic landmarks and hidden alleys added a new dimension, infusing Paolo Pecora pieces with the spirit of this cosmopolitan hub.

The collaboration with Paolo Pecora proves to be an experience that goes beyond creating mere promotional videos: it becomes a celebration of timeless elegance and timeless beauty, a visual narrative that enchants and inspires viewers, transporting them into a world of style, class, and sophisticated refinement.


This fusion of art forms symbolizes not just a partnership but a marriage of two creative worlds. Paolo Pecora's designs, meticulously crafted and artistically showcased, transcend the mere representation of clothing; they become embodiments of character and narrative within the cinematic realm.

Through this collaboration, Paolo Pecora and the cinematic visionaries paint a canvas where the brushstrokes of fashion merge with the vivid hues of storytelling, creating a masterpiece that transcends trends and time, leaving an indelible mark on both the fashion and film industries.