Anyone, at any time, can know where we are, what we are doing, what our tastes are and above all what our secrets are. We are constantly tracked, because of that little object, now indispensable, which is the mobile phone. An object that brings with it many comforts, that brings people to know each other even if they come from two different continents, but that also leads the consumer to no longer be able to distinguish reality from fiction. An object that brings closer and closer but at the same time increasingly distant.

From behind the screen everything is simpler, everything is muffled .. and what if that person we like so much doesn't like me? I swipe right and try the next one.

  • Directed byVasta
  • An idea byLuca Gonnella
  • 1/ACAndrea Flores
  • Styled byLuca Gonnella
  • MuaElizabeth Bolzoni
  • AssistantFederica Belalba
  • Flavio Crespi
  • Matilde Cafaro