IL luccio e la luna – LUCIO CORSI

We spent a day in the studio with Lucio and the photographer Francis De Lacroix. The idea for the video came up spontaneously, almost primarily during the video editing. Lucio is a complete and highly versatile artist with a particular and clear creative direction. A blend of poetry and narrative accompanies his character from the very beginning. Hence the discourse on the moon, which is always present in his albums, so the idea was to incorporate it as a distant symbol. Inspired by 'Bicycle Thieves', we thought of using a similar setting. But we never would have imagined being able to ask for the loan of the neighbor's destroyed motorcycle; as soon as we saw it, we asked for permission to use it. It's needless to say how enjoyable these coincidences were.

It's needless to say how enjoyable these coincidences were. Working with artists instead of models is always interesting, especially with such expressive capability; fun is guaranteed. Oh, I almost forgot, we also asked the neighbor's turtle if it was available for a few scenes. It agreed, a little bit of lettuce was all it took, and the game was on.

  • Written and Directed byMichele Rossetti
  • Lucio Corsi
  • Ugo Tartar