In the nature of mystery, in a young city, a girl will try to lose everything she has learned in life by dancing. But who are we really without our talent at some point in our life? As our experiences and expectations grow, we are now who we are. Who are you? and what would you be without what you love? Would you like to find out? Behold, your answer is in a golden seed. It can be bought, but it cannot be sold.

Have you ever thought about it? How dangerous is it to be the best in the world at something? How risky is it to have such an important talent, that one feels empty at the idea of being without it? Lily is obsessed, she only dreams of losing her talent as a dancer, born in years and years of obsessive training at the behest of her family. Normally, people want nothing more than to find it, cultivate it, and seek perfection. But she, she has already reached the top of the mountain, the rest is all downhill. Then? All that remains is to be carried away by a distant lullaby, by a mysterious perfume, by a rare light. walking around the city. Follow the lotus Lily, follow the lotus.

  • In collaboration withOkra
  • Written and directed byMichele Rossetti
  • DpMattia Chicco
  • Andrea Flores
  • OperatorPeter Navidad
  • PhotographerJuan Padilla
  • Margherita Carvelli
  • Sound ByOkra
  • Sound SupervisorLorenzo Crippa
  • Sound DesignerTommaso Simonetta
  • ComposerDiego Guarnieri
  • GraphicsCarlo Fanchini
  • StylistAnnalena Biotti
  • Costume AssistantAlessandro Oggianu
  • Make upMartina Corno
  • HairstyleGabriele Marozzi
  • Set designerVeronica Ferrari
  • Script supervisorCamilla Fragasso
  • IllustratorGiona Rossetti
  • Silvia Bonavigo - Lily
  • Holly Mumford - Seller
  • Toni Pandolfo - Loto
  • Lucy Zhu - temptress
  • Madalina Fodor - the girl
  • Maurizio Cattaneo - Lotus slave 1
  • Alessandro Conversano - Lotus slave 2
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  • Special thanks to
  • Tempio del futuro perduto
  • Verissima fonderia anonima
  • Marni
  • Avavav firenze
  • Danilo paura
  • Hoka
  • Brave models
  • The fabbrica
  • Reck Disctrikt
  • Giulio Tosatti

''When I started reading the script I immediately felt a great familiarity with my character, playing Lily was like reliving certain moments of my life and I also believe that in many others they will see them again. I still thank Michele today for having wanted to tell this "common but often not addressed" story with great sensitivity.

The shooting concentrated in a few days and the attention paid to every little detail was challenging but I can say with certainty that working with the VASTA collective was a unique experience, it is always surprising to be surrounded by such young and at the same time so talented people. Professional and brilliant.
I wish all the lilies in the world to be able to face their talents, for better or for worse, always with their heads held high.''

Silvia Bonavigo