Time goes by Darling.

The contrasting duality between a mother’s expectations and the lonely reality her son is living, facing the days, strolling at the top of his consciousness, between empty bars and high roofs. He doesn't answer his cell phone, disparaging her expectations.

''Cinema is a serious game, an empty table of moving infinite possi- bilities, from which you can grab a shred of it. It's a free place where you can liberate your soul or your thought. A place where dragons exist and men are good or bad without actually being so.'' -Matteo Oscar Giuggioli-

  • Written and Direct byMattia Chicco
  • Michele Rossetti
  • OperatorAndrea Flores
  • Editor in ChiefValentina Ilardi
  • Fashion EditorAlex Sinato
  • Press AgentAndreas Mercante
  • Executive ProducerRomina Piperno
  • GroomingLaura Castellano
  • Fashion Editor’s AssistantMartina Palermo
  • Diletta Pecchia
  • Starring Oscar Matteo Giuggioli