It all started with the human desire of the things you can’t have, and the more inaccessibile the more fascinating they are. The film is set in those locations cause I liked to have an imaginary that is not usally associated with the stereotypical Italian landscape but at the same time pairing it with a product that is rooted in the italian culture: gnocchi; and also cause until the plot twist, people really don’t know what to expect.

I like the idea of this character being a bit of a creep, an outsider, a loner. But at the same time affectionate with a mother that he tries to protect and at the same time exploit. Taking advantage of her disability to keep the truth from her, even though it allows her to keep a tradition alive and lead a normal life. Although the intention is not to convey a message, a moral judgment or to take a stand, it is inevitable to reflect on prohibition. Banning something so natural, which comes from the earth, such as potatoes, it never solves the problem. The game was to move a simple piece to see the effects it would have had on reality.

  • Written and directed byMattia Chicco
  • Creative DirectorMichele Rossetti
  • 1 AC/operatoreAndrea Flores
  • Sound DesignOkra
  • Location soundLorenzo Crippa
  • Make upNeha Bigatti
  • PhotoStefania Zanetti
  • GraphicMikel Peruch
  • Original songFake to say - John Bringwolves
  • Special thanks to
  • Massimo Volta
  • Riccardo Valle
  • Ford Nuova assauto
  • B&b lago nel pagliaio
  • Rec distrikt
  • Mullet management
  • Akman Fuco
  • Streetpeople casting
  • Lorella Pozzi
  • Michele Rossetti
  • Driver Giacomo Filepo
  • Voices
  • Maurizio Cattaneo
  • Diego Carpentieri
  • Stefania Micale
  • Lodovico Zago