IS IT REAL THOUGH?-LAB FW22 Explores the interconnection between life- and its social alter ego. Through the creative lens of Alessandro Oaggianu with the creative co-direction of Giulia Bortoli , the collection is captured, twice. This reflects the way we experience nowadays: live it, share it Which version do you prefer? and which one feels more real to you?

STAND STILL This is the first season that LAB is introduced, with the highest purpose of bringing back to life the brand's historical archive. Volumes, techniques and colours are kept as they were, but it is the refined eye that can find the modern essence of the capsule through the smallest details.

  • Directed byMichele Rossetti
  • Mattia Chicco
  • DoPMattia Chicco
  • Creative DirectionGiulia Bortoli
  • Art Direction & PHAlessandro Oggianu
  • StylingNicolas Marcantonio
  • MUASofia Caspani
  • Martina Dalfino
  • Aida Portuesi

Ballantyne LAB FW22 is a limited edition capsule, an homage to the brand’s tailoring past.
The brand’s archival knits, from which the capsule takes inspiration, were scanned, catalogued and conserved, preserving the brand’s heritage like true works of art.


A combination of vintage colours and modern cuts for Ballantyne LAB FW22, which is reflected also in the shooting of the collection.

Ballantyne LAB brings back to life the brand’s typical design codes. Jacquard and Intarsia with archival floral motifs embellish this season’s capsule, furthering a century-long link with the historic pastime.