As directors, we worked on the campaign by creating videos in the style of ancient Greek aesthetics for Gianvito Rossi. Our vision incorporated elements such as columns and statues, evoking the grandeur of classical antiquity. We utilized lighting reminiscent of a beacon, casting a radiant glow that accentuated the timeless beauty of the setting.

In our creative narrative, the statues came to life, gracefully moving and playfully exploring the Gianvito Rossi museum space. This approach aimed to capture the essence of elegance and sophistication synonymous with the brand, while infusing it with a sense of myth and allure inspired by ancient Greek culture.

  • A film byVasta
  • Directed byMichele Rossetti & Mattia Chicco
  • DOPMattia Chicco
  • GafferGiovanni Baracchi
  • ProdEleonora Denegri
  • RunnerGiulia Panzacchi
  • RunnerGiacomo Fiorentini
  • StylistCamilla Fioravanti
  • Stylist Ass.Bianca Passamonti
  • Hair StylistSimone Prusso
  • MuaCamilla Romagnoli
  • Glam Ass.Angela Mandaglio
  • Set DesignerMichela Croci
  • Set Designer Ass.Margherita Montobbio
  • Temi Sanusi
  • Napapery
  • Vika Klonina
The client

Working with Gianvito Rossi as our client was an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience. From the outset, there was a strong sense of collaboration and mutual respect. The team at Gianvito Rossi was not only passionate about their brand but also deeply invested in the creative process.

Throughout the project, there was open communication and a willingness to explore new ideas. The client provided valuable insights into their brand ethos and aesthetic preferences, which helped guide our creative direction. Despite the high standards associated with the Gianvito Rossi brand, there was a refreshing sense of flexibility and trust in our vision as directors.


Moreover, the professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated by the Gianvito Rossi team made the entire collaboration seamless. They were receptive to feedback and proactive in addressing any concerns, ensuring that the final product exceeded expectations.

Overall, working with Gianvito Rossi was not only professionally enriching but also a genuinely enjoyable experience. The synergy between our creative team and the client resulted in a campaign that beautifully captured the essence of the brand while pushing creative boundaries.